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VIP Plan Package

The VIP Plan Package is the ultimate and best value Plan.​

We start with everything included in the Gold Plan plus unlimited indicators. See detail plan.

Furthermore VIP Plan members will get on going indicator development made in-house by our programmers.

VIP Members will also be part of a community of traders willing to be the best at their profession. On Demand Trading Strategy Brainstorming online meetings will be available.

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These NinjaTrader 8 indicators work on futures, stocks, crypto and ETF from all major exchanges except for India.

Product Description

Drawing Tools
Trading Hours

  • Market Profile

  • Balance Builder

  • Flow Analyser

  • Drawing Tool Tile

  • DTOSC Dynamic Trader

  • Profile Builder

  • Profile Builder Plus

  • References Synchronizer

  • Structural Analyser

  • Time Variable Profile

  • MP Color Bars

  • Custom Drawing Tools

  • Dynamic Trader drawing tools

  • Price Line

  • Supply Demand

  • Volume Order Flow Profile

  • Order Flow VWAP

  • Trading Button

  • PSG 1 or A

  • PSG 12345

  • PSG abcde


  • PSG Date Count


  • PSG HL Lines

  • PSG Labeled Line

  • PSG Single Text


  • PSG TR


  • Extended Rectangle

  • Time Count

  • Energy Night Session​

  • Stock Night Session

  • Currency Night Session

  • Bond Night Session

  • Stock Day And Night

  • Stock Overnight-Day

  • Energy Day And Night

  • Energy Overnight-Day

  • Bond Day And Night

  • Currency Day And Night

  • [Use data series settings]

Also Included
  • On Demand Online Weekly Q&A session.

  • On going new indicator development​​

Bars Types
Workspace Templates

  • KinetickDayBarsType

  • KinetickWeeklyBarsType

  • KinetickMonthlyBarsType

  • CFTSharedData

  • CFTSharedClasses

  • Trade Copier

  • VIP Plan - All Gold Indicators

  • VIP Plan - Premium indicators

* items shown in orange are premium items over Gold Plan.

The VIP Plan contains all indicators shown in the list below.

Market Profile with Volume Ladder
Time Variable
Pro Suite Gold
Flow Analyser
Volume At Price
Dynamic Trader DTOC Indicators
Profile Builder
Dynamic Drawing Tools
Custom Drawing Tools
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