Bronze and Silver Plan Modules

The Bronze Plan Package includes the Market Profile module. The Silver Plan includes one more module the Reference Synchronizer. These NinjaTrader 8 modules work on futures, stocks, crypto and ETF from all major exchanges except for India.

Market Profile Module

The Market Profiler Indicator, developed by Coder For traders, is an advanced tool for the NinjaTrader platform. It goes beyond traditional market profile indicators, offering features such as automatically drawn reference lines, alternate futures volume figures, various displays combining volume profiles, TPO profiles, and Volume At Price, overnight profiles alongside day session profiles, and incorporation of Jim Dalton studies. The indicator provides comprehensive reports on weak references and volume distribution.

Users can manipulate the Market Profiler indicator through the toolbar menu, property grid, or contextual menu. The toolbar includes features like reference settings. The property grid allows customization of colors, styles, and other indicator properties through ten tabs. The indicator also supports voice alerts for weak references, stats window changes, and bar openings.

Key functionalities include the ability to split and merge profiles, display new profile types like Full-Split and Full-Split At Letter, and show various reference levels automatically. The contextual menu offers interactions such as adding or removing overnight profiles, displaying current day volume ladders, showing/hiding volume profile displays, and more. Users can also split, merge, or undo these actions on specific profiles or across the entire chart.

The indicator provides detailed settings for overnight, intraday, day, profiles, split profiles, display, structure, and volume profiles through the property grid. Users can configure colors, thickness, styles, and other specific indicator properties.

In summary, the Market Profiler Indicator is a powerful tool that enhances the NinjaTrader platform's capabilities, offering advanced features for market analysis, profile customization, and interactive user experiences.

Increase Productivity

When it's time to prepare the next day you can count on the Market Profile indicator to do all repetitive tasks of finding key references, drawing lines, looking for anomalies and Dalton studies leaving you precious time to spend on much more important crucial trading tasks like analysing the context surrounding the market.

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Reference Synchronizer Module - Available Only for Silver Plan Owner

The Reference Synchronizer Indicator plays a pivotal role in establishing a seamless connection between different charts, facilitating the smooth flow of data.

This powerful indicator acts as a bridge, allowing the Market Profile indicator to effortlessly transmit data to the Daily chart. Simultaneously, it enables the Daily chart to reciprocate by sending data back to the Market Profile Indicator. But that's not all - the Reference Synchronizer Indicator goes above and beyond, extending its capabilities to the Weekly and Monthly charts. It empowers these charts to seamlessly share their data with both the Market Profile Indicator and the Daily chart.

The versatility of this indicator doesn't stop there. It can also be applied to a custom chart, effortlessly harnessing the data sent by the Market Profile indicator, as well as the daily, weekly, and monthly charts.

However, it's important to note that in order to access the necessary data from the charts, they must be up and running. So, ensure that all the charts are actively running to fully leverage the potential of the Reference Synchronizer Indicator.


Market Profile

ReferenceSynchronizer ( Silver Plan only )

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