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Upgrade to the Platinum Plan Package and take your trading to the next level. This exclusive package encompasses all 9 NinjaTrader indicator modules and 13 NinjaTrader Drawing Tool modules from the Gold Plan, providing you with a robust foundation for market analysis and charting. But that's not all. With the Platinum Plan Package, you also gain access to 5 brand new indicator modules, carefully crafted to enhance your trading strategy and give you a competitive edge. And the best part? The Platinum Plan Package comes with unlimited future additions, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve with the latest tools and features. Don't settle for anything less than the ultimate toolkit for trading the markets. Upgrade to the Platinum Plan Package today and experience the difference.

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Indicators Modules

Market Profile - Balance Builder - Flow Analyser

DTOSC Dynamic Trader - Structural Analyser - Time Variable Profile

Profile Builder - Profile Builder Plus - Reference Synchronizer 

- Volume Order Flow Profile

Supply Demand - OFVP - Order Flow VWAP

Two legged Pullback - Dynamic Volume Strip

Drawing Tools Modules

PSG1 or A - PSG12345 - PSG abcde - ATP - Date Count - PSG EOW

HL Lines - Single Text - TCR - TR - PSG WXY

Extended Rectangle - Time Count

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Indicator Modules

Supply Demand Module

Supply Demand Module

Defining zones of activity by big players.

This indicator boasts a comprehensive range of functionalities that operate discreetly beneath the surface. It diligently calculates both primary and internal swings, meticulously identifies candlestick patterns that serve as reliable indicators of significant market activity, and skillfully plots these zones to serve as invaluable references for trading decisions.

In the chart displayed above, the swings have been intentionally concealed from view, but rest assured, they are diligently utilized behind the scenes to enhance the indicator's accuracy and effectiveness.

Furthermore, this remarkable indicator offers you the flexibility to define zones of varying strength, enabling you to determine which zones should be visible. Whether you prefer to view all zones, including historical data and currently active zones, or solely focus on the active ones, the choice is yours.

It is worth noting that this indicator seamlessly complements other existing indicators, providing a unique and unparalleled source of information that cannot be found elsewhere. By incorporating this powerful tool into your trading strategy, you gain a significant edge in the market, unlocking new opportunities for success.

Volume Order Flow Profile Module

The Composite Volume Order Flow indicator provides traders with a comprehensive and detailed view of volume distribution at each price level, conveniently displayed on the right edge of the chart.

What truly sets this indicator apart is its remarkable level of customization, allowing users to collect and analyze data during specific trading hours, and define the time period based on sessions rather than mere dates. This flexibility empowers traders to gain deeper insights into market dynamics and make more informed decisions.

For instance, consider the chart on the right, which exemplifies a Composite Volume Order Flow Profile that encompasses the previous day's session up until the current moment, incorporating overnight data. By including overnight data, traders can obtain a more comprehensive analysis of market activity and identify potential trends or patterns that may have emerged during non-trading hours.

With its ability to adapt to individual trading preferences and provide a holistic view of volume distribution, the Composite Volume Order Flow indicator proves to be an invaluable tool for traders seeking a deeper understanding of market dynamics and making data-driven trading decisions. 

Volume Order Flow Profile Module

Order Flow VWAP Module

Order Flow VWAP Module

The Order Flow VWAP indicator is a powerful tool that plots the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) and its standard deviation for your specified trading session. 

By visualizing these key metrics, traders gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics and can make more informed trading decisions. 

With its robust functionality and accuracy, this indicator mirrors the VWAP indicator found in Ninja Trader's full license version, ensuring traders have access to professional-grade tools for their trading analysis. 

Two legged pullback Module

The Two Legged Pullback Indicator Module is a powerful tool designed to enhance your trading experience on the NinjaTrader platform. This indicator module is specifically created to display the Two Legged Pullback Indicator on your NinjaTrader chart.

The purpose of the Two Legged Pullback Indicator is to help traders identify potential reversals or retracements in the market. By visually representing the two-legged pullback pattern, this indicator module assists traders in spotting trading opportunities with ease.

With the Two Legged Pullback Indicator Module, you can easily add the indicator to your NinjaTrader chart and customize its appearance according to your preferences.

Once applied to your chart, the Two Legged Pullback Indicator Module will plot the two-legged pullback pattern, highlighting the initial strong move in one direction and the subsequent retracement. This visual representation helps traders identify potential entry and exit points, allowing for more informed trading decisions.

Additionally, the Two Legged Pullback Indicator Module can be used in conjunction with other technical analysis tools and indicators to further enhance your trading strategy. By combining multiple indicators, you can gain a comprehensive view of the market and increase the accuracy of your trading signals.

In summary, the Two Legged Pullback Indicator Module is a valuable addition to your NinjaTrader platform, providing you with a clear visualization of the two-legged pullback pattern. By utilizing this indicator module, you can improve your trading efficiency and potentially increase your profitability.

2 legged pullback Module

Dynamic Volume Strip Module

Step into a new era of market analysis with our Dynamic Volume Strip module, inspired by the groundbreaking work of Peter Steidlmayer. This innovative tool is designed to dynamically follow market flows, providing valuable insights into volume breakouts and false breakouts. 

Built upon the principles of Peter Steidlmayer's volume strip work, our Dynamic Volume Strip takes his pioneering concepts to new heights. Steidlmayer's original ideas transformed market analysis, and our indicator continues that legacy by incorporating dynamic volume analysis into modern trading strategies. 

The Dynamic Volume Strip is not a crystal ball; it doesn't guarantee outcomes or provide precise buy or sell signals. Instead, it acts as a powerful guide, dynamically adapting to market movements. The strip visually represents volume patterns, allowing traders to observe the ebb and flow of market sentiment. 

One of the key strengths of the Dynamic Volume Strip is its ability to highlight volume breakouts and false breakouts. As the market experiences shifts in volume, the strip dynamically adjusts, providing traders with a clear visual representation of potential breakout opportunities. This is particularly valuable for identifying emerging trends and market sentiment changes. 

Tailor the Dynamic Volume Strip to your unique trading style with customizable parameters. Whether you're a day trader, swing trader, or investor, adjust settings such as breakout ticks and cumulative volume thresholds to align the indicator with your strategy and preferences. 

Experience the future of trading with the Dynamic Volume Strip – a sophisticated tool that combines Steidlmayer's insights with cutting-edge technology. While it doesn't provide guarantees or exact trade signals, it offers a dynamic and visual approach to market analysis. Revolutionize your trading strategy, uncover hidden opportunities, and trade with confidence.

Market Profile Module

Market Profile Module

The Market Profile chart is the master piece of the whole Suite. One of the best Market Profile ever created for Ninja Trader platform.

Discover a Market Profile indicator that goes beyond the ordinary.

Not only can you effortlessly split and merge profiles, but you can also unlock new profile types like Full-Split and Full-Split At Letter.

Experience the convenience of displaying the current Profile Volume at price, and easily navigate through individual or all Overnight profiles within the same day sessions profile display.

No need to worry about drawing reference levels manually, as all relevant reference levels are automatically generated for you.

Immerse yourself in the comprehensive teachings of Dalton, including identifying weak buy and sell levels, tails, poor extremes, and much more, all seamlessly integrated into our Market Profile chart.

Reference Synchronizer Module

The Reference Synchronizer Indicator plays a pivotal role in establishing a seamless connection between different charts, facilitating the smooth flow of data.

This powerful indicator acts as a bridge, allowing the Market Profile indicator to effortlessly transmit data to the Daily chart. Simultaneously, it enables the Daily chart to reciprocate by sending data back to the Market Profile Indicator. But that's not all - the Reference Synchronizer Indicator goes above and beyond, extending its capabilities to the Weekly and Monthly charts. It empowers these charts to seamlessly share their data with both the Market Profile Indicator and the Daily chart.

The versatility of this indicator doesn't stop there. It can also be applied to a custom chart, effortlessly harnessing the data sent by the Market Profile indicator, as well as the daily, weekly, and monthly charts.

However, it's important to note that in order to access the necessary data from the charts, they must be up and running. So, ensure that all the charts are actively running to fully leverage the potential of the Reference Synchronizer Indicator.

Balance Builder Module

The Balance indicator employs a highly advanced and intricate algorithm that meticulously scans the market to identify periods of equilibrium, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Once a balance area is successfully detected, this indicator showcases its versatility by offering multiple visualization options. It can draw a precise rectangular shape to outline the balance region, or apply a vibrant color overlay to emphasize the area of equilibrium.

While its effectiveness is particularly pronounced on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts, the Balance indicator is designed to adapt seamlessly to charts of any time frame, making it a valuable tool for traders across various trading styles and strategies.

In addition to its visual representation, this indicator goes above and beyond by sharing crucial balance data, including the highest and lowest points, with other subscribed charts in different time frames. This feature enables traders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics and make informed decisions based on a holistic view of the price action.

Balance Builder Module

Flow Analyser Module

Flow Analyser Module

The Flow Analyser Indicator has been built to follow the Market major flows.

The Market Flows are identified through a sophisticated algorithm that meticulously analyzes the intricate market swings. These swings, when carefully grouped together, reveal discernible patterns that serve as indicators of the presence of market flows.

In the illustrative example provided above, the bullish flow region is vividly depicted in a vibrant shade of green, prominently positioned at the extreme right of the chart. The rectangular areas adorning the chart represent periods of flow balance, where the forces of supply and demand reach a harmonious equilibrium. Once the flows are accurately determined, astute traders and investors can leverage this valuable insight to devise and implement strategies that are strategically aligned with the prevailing flow direction and the dynamic market conditions at hand. 

The Flow Analyser monitors short term flows to better time trade entries.


The Flow Analyser Indicator has been meticulously developed to optimize trade execution. When applied to a highly granular 1-minute chart, this sophisticated indicator intelligently identifies and analyzes major market flows based on intricate patterns of Market Swings.

By leveraging the power of a Heiken Ashi chart type, the Flow Analyser unveils buying and selling exhaustion with remarkable clarity, enabling traders to make well-informed decisions. Moreover, this advanced tool generates its own balance and trend flows, empowering traders with comprehensive insights into market dynamics.

DTOSC Module

The Dynamic Trader Oscillators are based on Robert Miner's work.

The parameters for the indicators cannot be modified as they are specifically designed based on the principles of Fibonacci numbers, which are known for their inherent mathematical properties and significance in various fields.

The sequence of parameters is as follows: 8,5,3,3 || 13,8,5,5 || 21,13,8,8 || 34,21,13,13

Within the indicators, there are distinct shaded areas that highlight periods of duality between the two closest parameter sets.

The first duality occurs between 8,5,3,3 and 13,8,5,5, indicating a period where both indicators are simultaneously overbought or oversold.

The second duality emerges between 13,8,5,5 and 21,13,8,8, signifying another instance of convergence where both indicators exhibit similar overbought or oversold conditions.

Lastly, the third duality is observed between 21,13,8,8 and 34,21,13,13, representing yet another period of simultaneous overbought or oversold states.

This concept of duality emphasizes the significance of these specific parameter sets and their ability to provide valuable insights into market conditions and potential trading opportunities.

DTOSC Module

Profile Builder Module

Profile Builder Module

This powerful tool simplifies the process by allowing users to simply double-click on a bar to instantly view the corresponding TPO profile displayed conveniently to the right of the bar. 

With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, the Profile Builder is an indispensable tool for traders and analysts seeking to gain valuable insights from TPO analysis.

Profile Builder Plus Module

Profile Builder Plus turns out bar charts into profile charts.

Profile Builder Plus offers a sophisticated solution for TPO profile analysis, allowing you to seamlessly overlay profiles "on demand" from any chart type, elevating your analytical capabilities to new heights.

With Profile Builder Plus, you have the flexibility to construct profiles from various time frames, enabling you to capture both short-term fluctuations and long-term trends. These profiles can be merged in a multitude of ways, empowering you to conduct in-depth market analysis and uncover valuable insights.

To enhance your profile analysis, Profile Builder Plus also provides the ability to plot continuous POCs, enabling you to identify significant price levels and make well-informed trading decisions. By leveraging the advanced features of Profile Builder Plus, you can gain a competitive edge in the market and optimize your trading strategies.

Profile Builder Plus Module

Structural Analyser Module

Structural Analyser Module

The Structural Analyser Indicator is a sophisticated technical tool that provides traders with a comprehensive analysis of market dynamics. 

It meticulously identifies and displays Poor Highs and Lows (Poor extreme) as well as Buying and Selling Tails (Strong Extreme) on the chart it is applied to. 

This indicator is specifically tailored for long-term analysis on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts, catering to the needs of astute traders who seek a deeper understanding of market trends. 

By leveraging the insights offered by the Structural Analyser Indicator, traders can make well-informed decisions and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Time Variable Profile Module

TVP is the new Market Profile adapted for electronic markets.

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial markets, the transition from traditional floor trading to electronic trading has brought about significant changes. As exchanges around the world close their physical trading floors, the need for innovative tools to analyze the market has become paramount. Enter the Time Variable Profile, a cutting-edge creation by the esteemed Peter Steidlmayer.

This revolutionary indicator represents a paradigm shift in market analysis, as it takes into account market volatility when constructing profiles. By incorporating this crucial element, the Time Variable Profile provides a more accurate and dynamic representation of market dynamics, empowering traders with invaluable insights.

One of the standout features of this indicator is the inclusion of a volume strip, which serves as a powerful tool for monitoring volume based on price control and price discovery. This comprehensive volume analysis allows traders to gauge market sentiment and identify potential turning points with greater precision.

With the Time Variable Profile, traders can navigate the complexities of electronic trading with confidence. By leveraging the insights provided by this advanced tool, market participants can make informed decisions, adapt to changing market conditions, and stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-paced and interconnected financial landscape.

Time Variable Profile Module

Drawing Tools Modules

Price Projection Module

Price Projection Module

Price Projection drawing tool 

The Price Projection tool is an indispensable feature that empowers traders to accurately project support and resistance zones by leveraging the power of wave relationships. By meticulously analyzing wave pivots, this tool enables users to establish a comprehensive wave count with ease.

To utilize this tool effectively, simply click on each wave pivot, ensuring to double click on the final pivot to complete the wave count. This meticulous process allows for a precise assessment of waves price retracement, price extension, and alternate price projection, following the proven methodology taught by the esteemed Robert Miner.

For enhanced customization, right-clicking on the tool unveils the Drawing Objects window, where traders can effortlessly add or remove the EOW Ratio, tailoring the tool to their specific needs and preferences.

Should the need arise to remove the tool, simply select it by clicking on it and right-click, then choose the remove option from the context menu. This seamless process ensures a clutter-free charting experience, allowing traders to focus on the most critical aspects of their analysis.

Wave Text Module

Text - abcde drawing tool

 The Text - abcde utility enables users to conveniently showcase the a-b-c-d-e text at their preferred wave count position. By simply performing a double click, the drawing process can be promptly terminated. Therefore, if you double click after the letter C, only a-b-c will be displayed.

Text Drawing tool Module

TR Module

Time Retracement Module

Time - TR drawing tool 

The Time - TR tool is a powerful feature that enables the precise drawing of time retracement levels between two pivotal points. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly mark the first two pivots, and the tool will automatically generate the retracement levels for you.

For enhanced flexibility and control, a double-click on the tool will open up the retracement level setup window. Within this window, you have the freedom to add or remove levels, tailoring the retracement analysis to your specific requirements. This intuitive customization feature empowers you to fine-tune the retracement levels and optimize your trading strategy with utmost precision.

TCR Module

Time - TCR drawing tool

The TCR tool, known as the Time Cycle Ratio, is a powerful tool that enables the projection of the duration of the upcoming cycle. By analyzing historical data and applying mathematical algorithms, the TCR tool draws an extension of the next cycle, providing valuable insights for planning and decision-making. 

Time Cycle Ratio Module

ATP Module

Alternate Time Module

Time - ATP drawing tool

Time - ATP, which stands for Alternate Time projection, is a powerful tool used in technical analysis to identify key levels in the market based on time.

The concept of "Alternate" in ATP refers to the subsequent swing in the same direction. This means that when applying techniques such as Elliott Wave analysis, traders and analysts seek to project the timing of wave 3 by referencing wave 1. By doing so, they can anticipate potential turning points or significant price movements in the market.

By incorporating ATP into their analysis, market participants can gain a deeper understanding of the temporal dynamics of price action. This can help them make more accurate predictions and improve their overall trading strategies. Whether it's identifying potential trend reversals, estimating the duration of a price move, or determining optimal entry and exit points, ATP provides valuable insights into the time aspect of market behavior. 

Pivot H/L Module

Price - High/Low Line drawing tool

The High/Low Line drawing tool enables users to effortlessly draw horizontal lines from key pivots. By simply clicking inside the bar, the line will be automatically placed at the closing price. Alternatively, clicking above or below the bar will position the line at the high or low price, respectively. 

Pivot Module

Wave Price Projection Module

Wave Price Projection Module

Price Projection W5  Price Projection W4  Price Projection W3 Price Projection W2  Price Projection W1 drawing tools

 The Price Projection W? drawing tool is a highly convenient and user-friendly tool that simplifies the process of creating price projections. With this enhanced version, users no longer need to worry about double-clicking to end the drawing. The tool intelligently detects the chosen W? and automatically concludes the drawing, eliminating any potential confusion or extra steps. This intuitive functionality not only saves time but also enhances the overall user experience, making it easier than ever to accurately project prices with precision and efficiency.

Rectangle with Extension Module

Rectangle With Extension drawing tool allows the user to draw a rectangle that will show extended lines based on the rectangle height. ( Initial Balance for example ).

Rectangle with Extension Module