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NinjaTrader 8 Indicators


Coder For Traders

Where brain and code meet together

The App


Indicators developed by traders for traders

NinjaTrader 8 Platform

Our Suite of indicators works only with NinjaTrader 8 one of the best and most popular trading platform.

Online Support

Support is very important for us. You can reach us anytime and we will respond the same day.

Customer portal

As soon as you become client you will have access to a Zoho support portal as well as a Stripe billing portal.


Satisfied Customers

The quality of the software, and the market-generated information it provides, are first-rate.

Kevin Weir

Independent Trader

“Pro Suite is a great piece of software I find it much more intuitive than WindoTrader”

S.Hoyle   New-York, NY

“I’m a very satisfied customer; thanks for your work, and for your dedication to providing great software.”

Kevin Weir

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