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Silver Plan

Precision Simplified: Unleash Potential
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The Silver plan includes the Market Profiler Indicator by Coder For Traders. It is an advanced tool for NinjaTrader. It surpasses traditional market profile indicators with features like automatic reference lines, alternative futures volume figures, and displays combining volume profiles, TPO profiles, and Volume At Price. It supports Jim Dalton studies, offers comprehensive reports on weak references and volume distribution, and allows customization through toolbar, property grid, and contextual menu. Key functionalities include split/merge profiles, new profile types, and automatic reference levels. The indicator enhances market analysis, profile customization, and user interactivity on the NinjaTrader platform.

The Plan incorporates the Reference Synchronizer module, enabling the export of Market Profile references to different charts and time frames.

119.95 119.95 USD 87.79 per month

119.95 $

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