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Gold Plan Package

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The Gold Plan Package contains 14 NinjaTrader 8 indicators giving you access to the ultimate tools for trading the markets. See detail Plan

All these indicators allow Market Profile and the outside world to communicate together !

Used on different time frames like daily weekly and monthly charts as well as short term minute charts the Gold Plan workspace template allows traders to get an holistic view of the market based on Top Down approach analysis as taught by the legendary Jim Dalton.


Gold Plan includes Jim Dalton teaching features ready to be used as the market unfold - Poor High, poor low, tail, spike, overnight levels, anomalies, unrevisited prominent POCs and much more...


When it's time to get prepared for the next day you can count on Gold Plan indicators suite to do all repetitive tasks of finding references, drawing lines, looking for anomalies and Dalton studies leaving your precious time to spend on much more important crucial trading tasks like analysing the context surrounding the market.


The Gold Plan also includes a Profile Builder indicator that overlays Market TPO Profiles on the daily monthly and weekly bar charts. You can also overlay TPO Profiles on any other chart type. All chart types are  supported ( point and figure, range chart, etc ... ) 

You can apply profiles on selected sessions by a simple mouse double click.


We recently added the Flow Analyser indicator to help traders pick ideal trade location.

Based on market swings, the Flow Analyser defines patterns in order to detect the direction of the very short term flow and good trade locations to go with your previous market analysis coming from the Gold Plan suite indicators. 


Finally Time Variable Profile is the latest addition to the suite. This is the new Market Profile generation. Adapted to today's  electronic markets and reflecting the transition to a supply market this indicator will bring you new light on Market understanding.   

Product Description

Drawing Tools
Trading Hours

  • Market Profile

  • Balance Builder

  • Flow Analyser

  • Drawing Tool Tile

  • DTOSC Dynamic Trader

  • Profile Builder

  • Profile Builder Plus

  • References Synchronizer

  • Structural Analyser

  • Time Variable Profile

  • MP Color Bars

  • Custom Drawing Tools

  • Dynamic Trader drawing tools

  • Price Line

  • PSG 1 or A

  • PSG 12345

  • PSG abcde


  • PSG Date Count


  • PSG HL Lines

  • PSG Labeled Line

  • PSG Single Text


  • PSG TR


  • Extended Rectangle

  • Time Count

  • Energy Night Session​

  • Stock Night Session

  • Currency Night Session

  • Bond Night Session

  • Stock Day And Night

  • Stock Overnight-Day

  • Energy Day And Night

  • Energy Overnight-Day

  • Bond Day And Night

  • Currency Day And Night

Bars Types
Workspace Templates

  • KinetickDayBarsType

  • KinetickWeeklyBarsType

  • KinetickMonthlyBarsType

  • CFTSharedData

  • CFTShared Classes

  • Gold Plan - All Indicators

Also Included
  • On Demand  Online Weekly Q&A session

The Gold Plan contains all indicators shown in the list below.

You  can switch from the Gold to the VIP Plan only during the first year and the amount paid will be applicable to the VIP Plan.

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