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Flow Analyser Indicator

Flow Analyser.png

The Flow Analyser Indicator has been built to follow the Market major flows.

The Market Flows are identified with the help of an algorithm using Market swings. These swings are grouped together to determine patterns leading to flows detection.

This example above shows the bullish flow region painted in green at the extreme right of the chart. The rectangle areas in the chart represents period of flow balance. Once flows are determined you  can then use strategies oriented toward the flow direction and market conditions.


The Flow Analyser monitors short term flows to better time trade entries.


The Flow Analyser Indicator has been developed to improve the trade location. Applied to a very short term chart (1 minute) this indicator will find the major flow based on patterns of Market Swings.


Applied to a Heiken Ashi chart type - buying and selling exhaustion becomes a lot more evident. Furthermore the Flow Analyser produces its own balance and trend flows.

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