X-Ray Indicator For Ninja Trader 7

X Ray Indicator is a footprint type chart display developed for Ninja Trader 7 users.

This indicator plots ladders of volume traded at each price. Bid/Ask, Volume, Net Delta and profile can be shown through the indicator views. 

Statistical box for each  bar showing bar volume,  bar net delta and session cumulative volume can also be shown at the bottom of the chart.

Finally just by drawing arrows from and to bars on the chart volume and net delta will show up the designated period.


This indicator displays three different chart views :

  1. Bid/Ask view
  2. Delta/Volume view
  3. Profile view.

It can also display cumulative day volume profile as well as Bid-Ask number ladder and Volume-Delta ladder on the left side of the chart area.

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X-Ray indicator Views

Bid / Ask view

Delta / Volume view

Profile view