Download Instructions

Download Instructions


If you are downloading an UPGRADE Please follow at least step 1 and step 2

If you want to set up a license to a new computer Please follow step 3

If you are a new customer Please follow all 4 steps in order

Step 1

Install modules

From your portal, click on the download link inside your sales order, invoice and / subscription item under the Documents section . 

If you see a security message don't worry just click on more and run anyway 

Once downloaded the installer should be available from your browser and/or your Downloads folder.

Just double click on the installer and it will put the needed zip file in your Downloads folder. 

Please make sure you have Ninja Trader 8 version or higher installed as the download won't work for previous Ninja Trader 8 version.Use the 64-bit version for best performance.

Step 2

Import Modules

Watch this Video " How to import modules to Ninja Trader 8 Platform " :  

Step 3

Set up License

Only for first time installation ( Not for upgrades )Watch this video " How to set up your license " : 

Step 4

For Bronze and Silver Plans

Create your Market Profiler Chart :


For Gold and Platinum Plans

Make sure you got the same NinjaTrader 8 Hot Keys as shown below to make sure all indicators work properly.To access the NinjaTrader Hot Keys :From Control Center     Tools --> Hot Keys