General Questions

Do I have to set the Tick replay button to enabled with your products?

Our products Do NOT USE THE TICK REPLAY option.

Downloading questions

The Downloader does not download files, and I get a prompt from clickstream.

If such an event occurs, please ensure that you have double-clicked on the installer setup icon and that the zip file has been located in your Downloads folder. The installer program is designed to place the main zip file in your Downloads folder, enabling you to import it into NinjaTrader 8. Please note that the installer does not perform any installations. Additionally, the installer places workspace and chart templates XML files into the appropriate NinjaTrader 8 folder, allowing for immediate use.

Troubleshooting Questions

I loaded my charts I see nothing?

This is always a data problem.

  • Be sure that you can get tick data from your data provider.
  • Download new data from NinjaTrader control center window --> Tools --> Download

No Overnight profiles?

If you don't see the overnight profiles the problem is usually related to your trading hours template set up.

To be able to show overnight profiles you first have to set "load overnight data" property to true. You can set it up from the property grid or from the NinjaTrader indicator setting window.

You also have to set your trading hours to an overnight trading hours that you have created or from one of the trading hours template with your download which should be available automatically from NinjaTrader. 

Subscription Questions

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

You can cancel your subscription anytime from your portal.

When you cancel your subscription will end at the next renewal date.

Platform Questions

Can I use Ninjatrader software with Tradovate?

Unfortunately I don't think so.

They are seperate charting platforms I think.

They can connect together but the indicators are not available in the Tradovate platform.